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Groups and workshops will be posted here as they are scheduled.
The groups and workshops that I lead are based upon two relational approaches: Bowen Family Systems Theory and PAIRS, Practical Skills for Emotional Literacy.
Bowen Family Systems Theory www.thebowencenter.org, developed by Dr. Murray Bowen, focuses on the way we think, rather than on the way we feel, since emotions come and go.  Our best thinking is based on fact, though feelings give us a great deal of helpful information.  The theory is based on the family as the emotional unit, though it is the individual whom I coach.
Bowen theory includes concepts such as- the nuclear family as the emotional unit, togetherness and individuality, triangles in relationships, sibling positions, ways of managing anxiety, and family dynamics over generations.  As individuals study and apply this approach, they change in significant ways and have the possibility of creating better relationships in their lives.
PAIRS www.pairs.com, Practical Skills for Emotional Literacy, when learned and applied, can also improve close personal relationships.  The program can be taught in various segments ranging from a one day to a semester long experience.  All of the skills can change long-standing habits of thinking that interfere with sustaining significant relationships in all areas of life.
Neither Bowen nor PAIRS are intended as therapy, but rather as methods to encourage life-changing ways of thinking. These approaches will be used both in individual coaching and in interactive groups and workshops.